Company Profile

AGA & Sons Construction and Development Corporation has come a long journey in the construction industry since its establishment in 1989. From a modest beginning, the company has steadily grown bigger, much better and well-equipped in every step of the way.

Our track record will bear us out. We managed to rise to momentous challenges even in the most trying times during the turn of the third millennium. Teaming with machines and equipment, we complemented each other, thus, turning up excellent performance. Technical experts were pushed for optimum service. Our sound financial and experiential resources backed the company’s will to perform efficiently. In the end, essential competitive edge has always been achieved.

The rapidly changing world is very promising. Be that as the wide horizon, we boldly envisioned to become a builder who has helped build not only physical structures across nations, but most of all, build dreams for progress.

For us in AGA & Sons, change is constant. Development and progress is our commitment. Hence the company has come up well-prepared offering itself together with its line-up of staff and personnel of high caliber and expertise. As we expand and diversify our operations, we remain in step with the world’s advancing technical development to serve our clients efficiently and meet the varying and growing demands in the construction industry, locally and globally.

It is our sincerest belief that we only have a right to gain foothold in the field of our industry if we are best at what we do, giving each and every client our best attention and high quality of service. Indeed, it takes the heart of achievers, the collective mind of experienced men and extension of expertise in order to succeed.

Company History

AGA & Sons Const. & Dev't. Corp. founder is Eng'r. Angel G. Arches Sr. He is a Civil Engineering graduate from Mapua Institute of Technology in 1956 and ranked no. 22 in board examination. His first employment was with the government as a field inspector. His reputation for being very strict and disciplined paved the way for his next employment with PYRAMID Construction and Development Corporation who at that time heard of his stature. He served as Project Engineer for numerous projects and shortly became a director of that company.

He then started his own company and called it ANGEL G. ARCHES CONSTRUCTION. He placed his foundations on an uncompromising strict quality and client satisfaction on all of his contracts. His name became known to the likes of Arch. Manuel Go and George Go, Arch. Gilbert Yu and Willy Yu, Arch. Garcia, Arch. Eduardo Aguila, Arch. Jose Siao Ling and others of the same prominence.

In 1989, AGA and SONS CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION was incorporated, this time joining him his three sons. It still maintains the same high quality of work the founder was famous for plus the added services a corporation can provide.

Now celebrating the 113th project and more inspired and gaining the confidence of new clients.


AGA & SONS construction and Development Corporation is committed to client’s satisfaction by providing the highest level of quality construction services, exemplary performance in technical and management services at fair and market competitive prices.


Our vision is to be recognized and valued for its uncompromised commitment to integrity, quality and client's satisfaction, while providing stability and opportunities for professional growth to employees within our organization.


A-Quality projects completed reflects the Organization’s zeal for total quality and client’s satisfaction.

Good-governance of all resources to deliver to the client the projects always on time and within the budget.

Affordable Responsive Quality Service.